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Our Services

How we can help you

  • We develop civic tech and design for inclusive engagement

    Our core services comprise web and mobile application development to create frictionless citizen experiences. We provide user experience consulting—including visual design, interaction design, information architecture, usability testing, user research, and content strategy. We also possess service design, ethnographic research, and prototyping expertise to help organizations better engage their constituents.

  • We help aspiring changemakers become social entrepreneurs

    Through business development activities, we help aspiring changemakers craft and test business models that drive social impact. We provide workspace, mentorship, and risk capital to those with the most promising ideas. In addition to leveraging our own Social Innovation Fund, we tap other creative forms of impact investing including crowdfunding and social impact bonds to help develop social entrepreneurs and their ideas.

  • We give civic leaders the tools to evangelize change

    To create a culture shift that supports the larger innovation ecosystem, we develop intrapreneurs—entrepreneurial-minded individuals who want to create change within their organizations. Specifically, we facilitate knowledge sharing and change management within government and social impact organizations. We also focus on developing this community by helping these change agents connect with each other and share strategies.

  • We tell stories, measure progress, and celebrate success

    Public Innovation is committed to nurturing progress that's already occuring through multichannel marketing and communications campaigns that highlight and reward creative problem solving. In addition to tracking quality of life indicators, we produce compelling video stories to articulate the value proposition of civic and social entrepreneurship. Most importantly, we find success in failure to move beyond a culture of risk aversion.

The Process

What you can expect


We help people and organizations identify unmet needs in their communities and opportunities to improve the civic experience.


We facilitate serendipitous collisions between people from diverse backgrounds who cross-pollinate ideas to generate solutions.


We support the development of civic and social innovations by providing resources to design, build, and test those solutions.


We sustain the implementation, continuous improvement, and collective impact of solutions by nurturing strategic parnerships.


Here are a few projects we helped incubate and launch. And we're just getting started...

We're committed to being an open, transparent, and emergent organization

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  • Social Innovation
  • Urban Innovation
  • Regional Innovation
  • Disruptive Innovation

About Us

Meet the Team

We're technologists with a deep understanding of the people and process issues that make the world go around. We use information systems to build more human systems. And we're passionate about user experience, interaction design, and agile development. When we're not coding, we're designing. And when we're not designing, we're building commuunity. Because that's who we are and why we're co-creating a new civic experience.

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